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Duet Tiles: Music Mastermind


If you are passionate about rhythm-based games like "Magic Tiles 3" and "Tiles Hop - EDM Rush". Enjoy Duet Tiles: Music And Dance! It brings together the best of both worlds: music and dance!

It stands out with its unique feature of covering the most today popular songs into mesmerizing duets, featuring both male and female vocalists. Get ready to be mesmerized as you immerse yourself in the soundtracks of this game!

But not only that, you will love it even more because:
- Two-handed gameplay creates a challenging and addictive experience like no other.
- Experience the magic of music as you swerve on the colorful tiles, perfectly synchronized with the beats of the catchy melodies. From pop and Latin to EDM and K-pop, the game features an extensive collection of the hottest songs from various genres, all creatively reimagined into delightful duets by male and female vocalists.
- Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Duet Tiles: Music And Dance, where the captivating 2D Cartoon art style and vibrant themes await. Each tile comes to life with its own unique personality, adorned with adorable expressions and delightful animations. Prepare to be captivated by the charming and fresh visual aesthetic.

Get ready to hit the beat, tune in, and let your inner dancer shine. With Duet Tiles: Music And Dance, you will begin a journey full of excitement, skill, creativity. Show your talent, challenge your friends, and become the master of the dance floor.

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How To Play

Play with 2 thumbs to control male and female vocalists on two separate halves of the screen to collect items with music rhythm

Key Fetures

- Duets Galore: Immerse yourself in harmonious gameplay, with melodies that come alive under your fingertips.
- Addictive Swerves: Challenge yourself with our unique two-handed mechanics, making every move a dance to the beat.
- Popular Hits: Enjoy a repertoire of chart-toppers, transformed into a magical piano experience.
- Artistic Wonder: Get lost in our whimsical 2D Cartoon theme, enhancing the visual delight of your musical journey.

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Press Review

 8 June, 2023

Good game, very nice and cute, I liked all the varieties of cats and songs, I would like them to add more songs 😁

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